GOLD Prospecting


March 14th 2015

Here is the Clubs new Gold Cube and the recirculating tank I made for it.

 Congratulation to Charles aka "Cowboy"winner of the Gold spiral wheel. 

 Also I would like to Thanks Bill Wynn for Donating the Wheel  for the club to Raffle.

 At the next outing we will have a special Paydirt raffle item. You do not want to miss this one!

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2015 Panning Contest Sponsors

 Prizes were donated by the following Company; please tell them Thank you if you get the chance!

Carolina Prospectors;


Video and Map of the Farm Claim


This video was made by Jim Young; he is the President of the South Mississippi Chapter of the GPAA. Hopefully Jim and some of his members will be visiting us at the creek.

Click here for the Farm Lease map

Reading a stream



If you are joining the GPAA or renewing you GPAA membership Please let them know to credit the Buchanan Chapter for membership points. This helps the club to purchase mining supplies for our raffles. Thanks.


  We welcome you to our club site. We are based in the Northwest Georgia Area. Please feel free to look around; some areas are for SGMA members only. We are a private club mostly made up of GPAA members. To sign up please contact SGMA at; or come join us at our monthly meeting.

  We are the official Buchanan Chapter of the GPAA.

  We meet monthly to spend the day prospecting for GOLD and that evening having a pot luck dinner where we tell lies about the nugget that got away. After dinner we discuss Club business and have our Club raffle. During the year we will have several common operations as well. Our members range in experience from just starting out to seasoned veterans.

  We are a not for profit organization and charge no membership fees. Our operating cost come solely from Fund Raisers, donations, and raffle proceeds.

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  I just want to reaffirm for all the new and potential member’s one of the main guideline that we built this club around, and that is No Drama. I’m sure if you have been on the GPAA site very long then you have been exposed to a lot of the drama that takes place there. This kind of back and forth bickering hurts not only the person’s reputation but also the club reputation that they are associated with. So in short if you are into that kind of stuff please consider joining different club because frankly the SGMA will not tolerate it.

  If you have a problem, issue, or suggestion please let us know about it and we will do our best to get it settled.

Be assured we will take any and all actions necessary to protect our club and it member’s reputation…






High Banker / Dredge Combo

Pot Luck Dinner



Most important of all; Family Time


Calculate the value of your Gold


Southern Gold YouTube page

You can view all the Club Videos. We will be posting them as we make them so please bare with us.

Club mission statement

 We are a Prospecting club with the goal to promote our hobby of Small Scale Gold Mining in a positive light, and insure the freedoms we enjoy today will be passed down to our future generations.